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Mantracking met Kyt Lyn Walken

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Voor wie?

Bij het spoorvolgen pakken we een spoor op, achtergelaten door een dier of mens. Doel is ongezien uit te komen bij de maker van het spoor... Bij het spoorvolgen komen alle disciplines uit het spoorzoeken samen. Dit weekend gaan we ons verdiepen in mantracking, het volgen van een spoor gemaakt door een mens. Voor iedereen die zich verder wil bekwamen in het spoorvolgen. De vaardigheden die je tijdens deze cursus leert zijn ook toe te passen bij het volgen van dieren.

Door wie

Voor deze cursus halen we Kyt Lyn Walken naar Nederland, een echte specialiste op dit gebied. Ze is verbonden aan de Hull's Tracking School.

Praktische informatie

Deze cursus zal grotendeels in het Engels gegeven worden. Locatie: Wekeromsezand en de Duursche Waarden bij Olst. Deelnemers: 10 minimaal, 18 maximaal. Beide dagen van 09:30-16:00. Niet inbegrepen zijn overnachtingen, eten & drinken en vervoer van en naar de locaties.


Goede buitenkleding, zaklamp, honkbalpet, notitieboek, pen & potlood, dagrugzak en eventuele persoonlijke medicijnen.


€199,- (inc. BTW) te voldoen bij opgaaf. Na ontvangst van de betaling is de plek definitief gereserveerd.

Data en beschikbaarheid

3 & 4 oktober 2020.

Beschikbaarheid: - Plaatsen vrij. - De laatste plaatsen, wacht niet te lang... - Vol, maar je kan op de wachtlijst!



"In all my tracking experience I have never met anyone as passionate and enthusiastic as she has demonstrated. Kyt’s research and personal commitment is admirable. I have officially made Kyt a representative and instructor of “Hull’s Tracking School“. She has demonstrated interest, skills, and integrity that are most inspiring for a tracking practitioner.”

David Michael Hull – HULL'S TRACKING SCHOOL, Virginia, U.S.

Kyt Lyn Walken is the First Female Mantracking Lead Instructor in Europe. An authentic Trader of this Ancient Art, that is still so effective nowadays from Search and Rescue, Tactical dimension, Forensic Science, and Wildlife Conservation.
She has been entitled as “Official Representative of Hull’s Tracking School“ in 2018. Mike Hull is her Mentor and she has become a Conservation Ranger after attending a two weeks course in Poland led by C.R.O.W. (ConservationRangers Operations Worldwide). Kyt Lyn has also studied “Forensic Photographs on Crime Scene”, held by UK Forensic Advisor and former S.A.S. Robert Kendall.
Currently she runs Man and Animal Tracking courses all over Europe, and she is regular writer for some prestigious US and UK based webzine on Survival, Offgrid Living and Prepping. She has been entitled Directora de la Escuela de Rastreo Umano Carcayú - Spain. She is author of the Manual "The importance of being a Tracker", available in English and Spanish.

About mantracking:
The art and science of reading, following and understanding human tracks. Applications are widely known for centuries, since Tracking has been used quite early in the tactical field (Indian Wars, the Vietnam War, the war in Rhodesia, operations in Afghanistan just to name a few) where it is still very valuable (South African army, Marines, Navy SEALs) and Search & Rescue, revealing the great effectiveness of this art in comparison to operations at high cost normally using helicopters or molecular dogs. This ability, used by humans since the early hunters, is disappearing from common knowledge although it still has useful applications in the modern world, such as Surveillance, Search & Rescue, IED Prevention, S.E.R.E., Survival ... Man-Tracking, in particular, focuses on the research and understanding of human signs (also called spoors) and can be extremely effective to prevent criminal and terrorist actions.

Goals of the course:
  • Becoming "Human Tracks" aware by learning - and gaining - the fundamentals to locate, identify, read and follow human tracks
  • Following a trackline on different terrains
  • Aging Human Tracks and Tire Tread Evidence
  • Applying The Art of Tracking for locating missing subjects or to backtrack ourselves

09:30 a.m. - Meeting
Meeting, Presentation of the Instructor and the Hull's Tracking School
Presentation of the itinerary of the course and goals
History of Man Tracking
Modern Applications
Tracking Fundamentals - theory and practice
12:30 a.m. Lunch Break - 1 hour
The mindset of a Tracker - theory and practice
Elements of visual Perceptions - theory and practice
Night Tracking - the use of flashlight - theory and practice
16.00 pm - Conclusion

09.30 a.m. - Meeting
Animal versus Human Tracks - theory and practice
Tracking Formations - theory and practice
How to preserve a track
How to identify and follow properly a Trackline - theory and practice
Tire Tread Evidence
12:30 a.m. Lunch Break - 1 hour
Sign cutting - theory and practice
Simulation of a Follow up
Final exams - Written and Practical
Delivery of Certifications
16.00 pm - Conclusion

Hull's Tracking School Certification "NOVICE TRACKER" after passing successfully the Basic Course. Hull's Tracking School Attendance Certification.

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